More Great Uses for Coconut Oil

Sean gives us a bunch of great uses for coconut oil in this video. He also talks about why coconut oil is so wonderful. The medium chain fatty acids, along with the lauric acid give coconut oil some properties, not found in many other foods.

Coconut Oil Benefits Blood Sugar and Diabetics

Blood Sugar and DiabeticsBruce Fife C.N., N.D. talks about the benefits of coconut oil for diabetics and those with blood sugar issues.
Coconut oil helps to slow down the adsorption of sugar from the blood stream.
Also according to Bruce, it helps the pancreas.

How to Impress The Crap Out of Your Doctor

PostureDoes your doctor know anything about supplements, or just prescription drugs and disease?

This little video gives some great tips about a few nutritional supplements and some of the deficiency problems that might result.

There is also a tip about sleeping and how to tell if your pillow is right for you.

Increase Fat Burning, without Reducing Calories

Here are 3 well thought out strategies for revving up metabolism. The net effect is, more weight lost for the same number of calories. Check out Dr Mark Hyman’s video fro the full scoop. He is right up there in my list of Youtube favorites.

How to Sprout Nuts & Seeds, Diet Tips

SproutingWhat is so great about soaking and sprouting seeds?

Enzyme rich, living food! That is wonderful for the human body.

Sprouting seeds generally makes them easier to digest and more nutrient and enzyme dense.
The video gives complete instructions on how to do it.

Does, coffee, Tea and Cola, Contibute to Chronic Pain and Stiffness?

Do caffeine containing substances like coffee, tea and chocolate contribute to pain in the human body? Well for me, yes, it definitely does. I can feel my jaw tensing up, my neck getting stiff, my lower back getting sore, especially if I drink too much coffee. Now coffee, tea and different things are actually good […]

Fix Your Brain – Cool off Inflammation

Are Depression, ADD, Autism and other Mental Problems Related to Inflammation? Can some simple dietary adjustments and nutritional additions make a difference? The UltraMind Solution: Key #3 – Cool off Inflammation

Go Raw Now – Raw Food – Energy and Health

Before I take health advice from anybody, I take a good look at them. Do they look healthy? Do they have energy? You can tell a lot about a person’s mental clarity, by looking them in the eye. ┬áSure some folks are just in a different place in their journey. The road to recovery is […]

The Rat Race – Omega 3 Fats and Your Brain

Ever Wondered How to Get Your Brain to Work Better? This little video, starring 2 rats, clearly show one outperforming the other by several fold. The rats come from the same mother, with the same genetics. The only difference, omega 3 fats. They also talk about how human babies differ in IQ, when they are […]