Educating Youth on the Value of Fresh Living Greens

Enlightening America’s Youth Creating a Greener Future! Growing Green Vegetables – Nutrition with Delicious Recipes – Help the Environment Donate Now to Be a Part of This Movement Guiding Today’s Youth to a Cleaner, Greener Future Learn How to Grow Wonderful Produce Learn how to grow leafy greens, microgreens and sprouts. Grow food even in […]

Healthy Recipes, Meals and Snacks

Here is a playlist from Youtube with an excellent variety of healthy recipe ideas. Chow down on good health!   Please give your comments and thumbs up for these videos.   And share them everywhere! Spread the good news of healthy living.

Growing Sweet Potatoes

Growing Your own Vegetables and Fruits, guarantees you a fresh supply of organic produce at a very low cost. Nathan Levy gives us a sweet potato growing tutorial in just over three and a half minutes. Did you know the leaves are edible? And it makes a colorful ground cover, where you don’t have to […]

Are Grains Really Healthy?

Many health gurus have been promoting whole grains as healthy food choices. But are they really all that healthy? This video provides and interesting perspective on the topic. When it comes to good health, always be questioning and curious.

Low fat food

Is Your Low Fat Diet Making You Depressed and Anxious

Could it be that you are depressed because you do not have enough fat in your diet? Check out this guys story. He tried the vegan thing and felt terrible. His solution was to include more healthy fats in his diet. Saturated fat is not the enemy most think that it is.

Benefits of Keeping a Food Journal

Are you REALLY eating healthy foods? Most people just think they are. Do you know how much food you are eating in a day? A food journal is a great way to keep track of what you actually are eating. The results may surprise you.

David Wolfe Interviews Dr. Mercola, Part 1 of 6

I have been a fan of Dr. Mercola for a number of years. In Nov 2009 he was named the Top Ultimate Wellness Gamechanger, by the Huffington Post. In this video clip he is interviewed by David Wolfe. They talk about the value of eating raw, natural foods.

Nutrition from food

How to Optimize Your Nutrition for Vibrant Health

Do we really need vitamins? If you eat, whole, organic, locally grown food, from mostly plant sources. And work outside in fresh, unpolluted air, drink pure water, sleep 9 hours a night, are mostly free from chronic stressors, move your body every day, and are free from exposure to environmental toxins. Then, of course you […]

Do You Read Ingredient Labels? And a Better Way

Most health conscious people are good at reading ingredient labels. Every once in a while something scary slips by. When you think of guacamole, you think avocado. But check out the ingredient list in this guacamole “flavored” dip. There are over 35 ingredients including food coloring. The video gives the whole scoop.

A Salad with Healthy Fats

Fat is not the demon everyone is making it out to be. People are waking up to the fact that their are good fats and bad fats. Here is a salad recipe that contains some good healthy fats in the form of nuts and seeds, along with some olive oil.