Cave man smoothie

Smoothie for a Paleo

Just add a good protein source to this smoothie and you have the makings of a Paleo meal. Paleo is the way we used to eat, long time ago. No cavemen did not have blenders. This is a hybrid creation that brings the power of the smoothie juicing world and Paleo together. Check out the […]

Lose weight and boost energy – Acid Diet vs Alkaline Diet

An alkaline diet is by far the fastest way to become more energetic and to look and feel younger. Wow that is a strong statement, but it’s the first thing out of Chris Guerrioro’s mouth in this video clip. I couldn’t agree more. I’ve been a fan of the alkaline diet for a long time. […]

Go Raw Now – Raw Food – Energy and Health

Before I take health advice from anybody, I take a good look at them. Do they look healthy? Do they have energy? You can tell a lot about a person’s mental clarity, by looking them in the eye. ┬áSure some folks are just in a different place in their journey. The road to recovery is […]