Yoga in Bed, Wake Up an Easier Way

Posture This is a great way to wake up in the morning, a lot better than jarring yourself out of the sack.

Tara makes this a very pleasant video to watch. She is a sweet girl.
I am often stiff first thing in the morning and a bit of yoga is just what the doctor ordered.
Check out the video at this link >>

Good Yoga Poses for Runners

HereĀ  is a yoga instructor who was able to help her brother with his running regime. With just a simple breathing technique, he was able to greatly extend his running mileage. In this video, she also gives instructions for several good stretches targeted towards runners.

Knee to Floor Pose

Here is a good yoga pose for beginners. Start out by just lying on the floor, with knees bent. Have a slight curve in your lower back.

Releasing the Lower Back with a Good Leg Stretch

Here is a yoga pose that may be helpful for some types of sciatica. It is also a great hamstring stretch, as well as hips, thighs, groins and calves. Using a belt makes this pose much easier, in fact, it is easy to relax the head and breathe deep. So stack things in your favor, […]

YouTube – Improve Your Posture with Yoga – Part 1

This yoga video has the groovinest music south of the Mason Dixon line. Posture is the theme, proper posture that is. This is part one of the Yoga for Proper Posture series. YouTube – Improve Your Posture with Yoga – Part 1. Yoga Video for Posture Proper Alingment of Your Spine Yoga students everywhere are […]

Yoga twist

Yoga Seated Twist

Put a smile on your face with this energizing yoga pose. Twisting poses stimulate the spine, the primary conduit of nerve energy in the human body. Break up tension in your vertebrae and loosen up your back. Twisting poses tend to have an invigorating effect. This pose is great to do if you need more […]