Energy Producing Exercise, QiGong

Do You Feel Energized After a Workout? Here is a simple exercise that improves energy and makes you feel better. QiGong exercises enhance Qi or life energy. In the previous post, we shared an exercise for bring down the Heavenly energy. This movement brings up earth energy to create a nice balance. The two movements […]

Heavenly Energy, QiGong Exercise

Life Energy Cultivation is the literal meaning of QiGong. Some people think of it as gentle exercise, others consider it a moving meditation. It is a great way to increase life force energy. The Chinese have been practicing QiGong for a long time. It has become increasingly popular in other parts of the world, including […]

Qi Gong Flow For Beginners

Qigong flowQigong is a wonderful stress reducing and energy enhancing exercise.

Qigong is like meditation in motion. It is a slow gentle movement with a focus on breathing.

A great way to release tension and loosen up tight muscles.

Enhance Energy, Build Chi, Twist the Spine

QigongImagine Chi as light, filling the space between your hands.

Imagine this light filling your entire being with balanced energy and good health.

Feel you are holding a ball of chi energy between your hands.
Watch the video and build your chi energy in a few minutes.