Tips for Sleeping Better

  It’s amazing how much better I feel, when I get a … But a good night’s sleep doesn’t always happen all by itself. In fact insomnia, or trouble sleeping is a huge problem in America today. Stress and poor diet certainly play a role. Some people just don’t have enough time to get a […]

Yoga in Bed, Wake Up an Easier Way

Posture This is a great way to wake up in the morning, a lot better than jarring yourself out of the sack.

Tara makes this a very pleasant video to watch. She is a sweet girl.
I am often stiff first thing in the morning and a bit of yoga is just what the doctor ordered.
Check out the video at this link >>

Is Caffeine Affecting Your Sleep?

Many of us need a shot of caffeine to “Wake Up” in the morning. But what time of day do you have your last cup of go go juice? For me any caffeine I drink after lunch time has the potential of interrupting sleep.