Is Melatonin Really Good to Take? And is it a Natural Sleep Aid

So why is it that you can not sleep?Natural Sleep Aid

Are you eating the wrong kinds of foods before bed, or not enough food?

Are you overly stressed?

Are you spending too much time in front of the computer or TV at night?

Natural Sleep Aid: Melatonin??

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There are many reasons people can’t sleep.

So is melatonin really good for and does it help you sleep? According to Josh Rubin in this video, melatonin may not be good for people to take at all. What he has to say may surprise you.

Check out the video to hear his take and then do your own research.

I sometimes personally experience insomnia. Most of the time it’s a blood sugar issue. I just get hungry in the middle of the night. If I get up and eat a protein/fat snack, like almonds or trail mix, often I will get back sleep quick.

I like to have a cup of relaxing herbal tea at night, just before bed. Chamomile tea is one of my favorites. Valerian root is good too, but not everybody likes the smell or taste, so many people opt for Valerian in pill form.

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