Energy Producing Exercise, QiGong

Qi EnergyDo You Feel Energized After a Workout?

Here is a simple exercise that improves energy and makes you feel better.

QiGong exercises enhance Qi or life energy.

In the previous post, we shared an exercise for bring down the Heavenly energy. This movement brings up earth energy to create a nice balance. The two movements compliment each other nicely.

Qi Gong exercise, Aligning Heaven and Earth, Energy Enhancing Movement

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This is a moving meditation. It makes a great daily practice. I prefer moving meditation, as opposed to trying to sit still and focus on my breathing.

First thing in the morning is a great time to do some QiGong, it only takes a couple minutes.

Doing this exercise outdoors and barefoot enhances the effect, because you are truly grounded to the earth. Don’t worry though, if the weather is bad, doing it indoors has a great benefit too.

The teacher in the video shares with us- “This is a very energy producing exercise.”

Favorite this page and come back often to practice this exercise.

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