Garden on Boat, Grow Your Veggies Anywhere

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Garden Boat
Leafy greens, beets, cucumbers, herbs and more thriving on a sailboat.

Doc David Gawain has an awesome system for growing plants that are a healthy part of an alkaline diet.

Or any amazing healthy diet for that matter. Living greens and veggies give you natural energy.

He gives some good tips in the first  video in the series.

A Traveling Container Garden, Set Sail on a Boat with Veggies and Herbs

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container garden on a boat Container gardening is possible almost anywhere, even in small places. If you think your space is too small, start with just one potted plant. Care for it and expand from there. You can grow your own food.

Eating colors from the variety of the rainbow can make your food colorful and nutritious.

When eaten raw, plants have living enzymes, we can benefit from.

Colorful Vegetables

If you live in North Carolina or can get there
April 18 – 27, 2014, you can visit Herbfest.
It’s a great collection of a large variety of herbs that are hard to find elsewhere, as well as organic veggie plants, and perennials.

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    […] There are countless people who have reported benefits, simply from increasing intake of raw fruits and vegetables, while eliminating some of the junk foods from their diet. Sometimes, just a few steps in the right direction can make a big difference in energy, vitality, well being and maintaining a healthy weight. Check out the produce section at your supermarket or visit your local farmer’s market. Better yet, get to know some of the gardeners and farmers in your area.  It also pays to learn how to grow your own food, even if it is a simple container garden on the patio, or in the back yard. I have one friend who even grew a garden on his sailboat. […]

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