Angel Harp

Angel Harp, Healing Meditation with Dave Watts

 Angel HarpEnjoy this beautiful healing angel harp  music,

Dave Watts plays the Angel Harp for us.

The music is soothing and calming.

Listen to this when you first wake up, just before bed, or whenever you need a stress break.
Dave also plays during the Wednesday night meditation service at First Unity Campus

Dave Watts Angel Harp, Healing Meditation

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Dave Watts works in Hospice situations and with people near death. His music soothes and quiets, not only the person in the bed, but also friends and family that are gathered around.

His music is beautiful. He is also able to comfort those during these challenging times.

Angel HarpYou can contact Dave at
It takes a special kind of person to work with people who are near death. Dave also is able to provide help to the friends and family of the passing person.

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  1. I recently had another opportunity (my first chance to be assisted with tremendous patience by Jeff, was when he taught me the fine, gentle art of making YouTube videos on many subjects related to my work as an Intuitive Life and Love Mentor) to work with Jeff Yentzer in the making of my new website,
    The experience could not possibly been more educational through Jeff’s patience and training.
    Jeff’s creative ideas and enthusiasm for the work is beyond wonderful.

    I unreservedly would recommend his work, his ability to simplify complex concepts, and educate someone who Is or ISN’T tech savvy with equal success.

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