Dr. Russ On the Call Again Tonight

I loved the last call with Dr Russ, it was loaded with great Natural Health and pH Balancing info. He’s back tonight and I am going to be on the line for sure. TLC’s   REST   OF   THE   STORY (201) 793-9022   Pin No. 6046762# Monday, June 1st, 2009 6:00 PM PST –  9 PM EST

Does, coffee, Tea and Cola, Contibute to Chronic Pain and Stiffness?

Do caffeine containing substances like coffee, tea and chocolate contribute to pain in the human body? Well for me, yes, it definitely does. I can feel my jaw tensing up, my neck getting stiff, my lower back getting sore, especially if I drink too much coffee. Now coffee, tea and different things are actually good […]