Dr. Weil

Love Dr. Andrew Weil, Jam Packed with Healing Information

Just love this video. Dr. Andrew Weil talks about a number of topics. Back and neck pain Mind body connection Sleep Depression Mushrooms Herbs, tea, food And much more. These Foods & Habits BOOST BRAIN HEALTH & End Inflammation! | Andrew Weil & Lewis Howes Love to hear your comments and ideas. Been a fan […]

Educating Youth on the Value of Fresh Living Greens

Enlightening America’s Youth Creating a Greener Future! Growing Green Vegetables – Nutrition with Delicious Recipes – Help the Environment Donate Now to Be a Part of This Movement Guiding Today’s Youth to a Cleaner, Greener Future Learn How to Grow Wonderful Produce Learn how to grow leafy greens, microgreens and sprouts. Grow food even in […]

Herbs for Energy

What’s an Adaptogen? Ginseng is what’s know as an Adaptogenic herb. Thats’ an herb that helps the body adapt to stress, fatigue, anxiety and cold. Adaptogen is a relatively new word, herbalists in the past, commonly referred to them as rejuvenating herbs or qi tonics. Qi means energy,   Bob Linde Talks about the Adaptogenic […]

Natural Tooth Cleaners and Whiteners

12 Natural ways to clean and whiten your teeth, with Doc David Gawain D.N.M.. I always like to go the natural way whenever I can, and my teeth and gums are no exception. A quick and easy paste, made from baking soda and peppermint essential oil, is one of my favorite tooth-care ideas that Doc […]

container garden on a boat

Garden on Boat, Grow Your Veggies Anywhere

Leafy greens, beets, cucumbers, herbs and more thriving on a sailboat. Doc David Gawain has an awesome system for growing plants that are a healthy part of an alkaline diet. Or any amazing healthy diet for that matter. Living greens and veggies give you natural energy. He gives some good tips in the first  video in […]

Fruit Infused Water – Alkaline and Yummy, Super Hydration

Here is an alternative to plain old water. By letting fruit or herbs infuse into the water, you add a refreshing flavor to the hydration experience. If you like the taste of water better, you are more likely to stay well hydrated and experience all the benefits, like increased energy and mental clarity. You also […]

Growing Sweet Potatoes

Growing Your own Vegetables and Fruits, guarantees you a fresh supply of organic produce at a very low cost. Nathan Levy gives us a sweet potato growing tutorial in just over three and a half minutes. Did you know the leaves are edible? And it makes a colorful ground cover, where you don’t have to […]

Create a Truly Happy Life

What does it really take to be happy? First just decide, I am going to be happy. Friends, social interaction, human touch, good healthy energy giving food, music, laughter and fun can make being happy a breeze. Share your joy with the world and tell us below what makes you happy.