Real Food

Supplements – Friends of Faux

There are many named diets out there, and they all have something in common, a fact that has never been argued by anyone: raw honey is better for you than white sugar and brown rice is better for you than bread or pasta. Translation: real wholesome food is better for you than a processed robbed […]

Nutrition from food

How to Optimize Your Nutrition for Vibrant Health

Do we really need vitamins? If you eat, whole, organic, locally grown food, from mostly plant sources. And work outside in fresh, unpolluted air, drink pure water, sleep 9 hours a night, are mostly free from chronic stressors, move your body every day, and are free from exposure to environmental toxins. Then, of course you […]

How to Replenish the Adrenals

Adrenal fatigue can leave you feeling very exhausted. If you are tired a lot, even after you rested or slept, talk to a doctor who knows about adrenal fatigue. I’m not a doctor, so do your own adrenal fatigue research. There are certain nutrients that support the adrenal glands.

How to Impress The Crap Out of Your Doctor

PostureDoes your doctor know anything about supplements, or just prescription drugs and disease?

This little video gives some great tips about a few nutritional supplements and some of the deficiency problems that might result.

There is also a tip about sleeping and how to tell if your pillow is right for you.