Healthy Recipes, Meals and Snacks

Here is a playlist from Youtube with an excellent variety of healthy recipe ideas. Chow down on good health!   Please give your comments and thumbs up for these videos.   And share them everywhere! Spread the good news of healthy living.

Brain and Mood Boosting Smoothie, Good Fats and Protein

The brain needs good nutrition, just like any other organ in the body. Here is an awesome yummy smoothie recipe designed with optimum brain function in mind. If you rare looking to boost mood or get your noggin working a bit better, try out this taste sensation. The video has all the recipe details. Mulberries […]

Here is 6 Pounds of Produce, Made into Juice

Here is a guy that drinks freshly made juice everyday, and eats fiber rich foods. Check out how vibrant and alive he looks in this video, aged over 80 years old. So what makes juicing so special? The concentrated nutrients can be absorbed directly into the bloodstream from the intestines. Many people are not aware […]