Brain and Mood Boosting Smoothie, Good Fats and Protein

The brain needs good nutrition, just like any other organ in the body. Here is an awesome yummy smoothie recipe designed with optimum brain function in mind. If you rare looking to boost mood or get your noggin working a bit better, try out this taste sensation. The video has all the recipe details. Mulberries […]

Simple Trick to Improve Dental Health, Ancient Secret

Check out the improvement in Doc Dave’s teeth. He has before and after pictures in this video. You won’t hear about this from your dentist. This kind of information might put him out of business. Dave’s teeth are noticeably whiter after just a short time.

Video, Beware of Mercury Poisoning

We all know about the benefits of omega 3 fatty acids. Cold water fish like salmon, herring and sardines, are abundant sources of omega 3s. These fish are relatively low in mercury. Other types of fish are not so good. Mercury toxicity is a growing problem. Larger and more carnivorous fish tend to have more […]

Detoxification Made Simple, with Dotty Bryn

Here is a list of simple detoxification techniques. Dotty Bryn from Transformations for Health, shares with us in this video. Getting the body cleaned up on the inside is far more important than cleaning the outside, when it comes to health and vitality.