Detoxification Made Simple, with Dotty Bryn

Detoxification Made SimpleHere is a list of simple detoxification techniques.

Dotty Bryn from Transformations for Health, shares with us in this video.

Getting the body cleaned up on the inside is far more important than cleaning the outside, when it comes to health and vitality.

Detoxification Made Simple, with Dotty Bryn

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List of detoxification and cleansing techniques

    • Cilantro is  a great detoxifier, especially for chelating heavy metals
    • Drink lemon water, be sure to use a fresh lemon and pure water
    • Drinking green drinks, like barley grass
    • Drink plenty of pure water. If you would not bathe in soda or tea, why would you try to clean the inside with it?
    • Sweat in a sauna
    • Dry skin brushing
    • Qi Gong or Bikram yoga
  • Bentonite clay
  • Fresh juice fast
  • Get lots of fiber, chia seeds are a great little known source of fiber. They have a list of other benefits
  • Consume sufficient protein
  • Try whole body vibration
Smoothie fasting is similar to juice fasting. This is where a person drinks only smoothies for a period of time, whether just one meal over over the course of a few days. The standard smoothie recipe is fresh leafy greens, a piece of fruit, protein powder and purified water. You could throw in flax seeds, nut butters or coconut to add some healthy fat.
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