Releasing the Lower Back with a Good Leg Stretch

Here is a yoga pose that may be helpful for some types of sciatica. It is also a great hamstring stretch, as well as hips, thighs, groins and calves. Using a belt makes this pose much easier, in fact, it is easy to relax the head and breathe deep. So stack things in your favor, […]

Abdominal Core Work – Swiss Ball Roll Out

There is a whole world of exercises that can be done on a swiss ball, that are not available otherwise. This particular move is great for strengthening your core. It’s a bit of an intermediate to advanced movement.

Does, coffee, Tea and Cola, Contibute to Chronic Pain and Stiffness?

Do caffeine containing substances like coffee, tea and chocolate contribute to pain in the human body? Well for me, yes, it definitely does. I can feel my jaw tensing up, my neck getting stiff, my lower back getting sore, especially if I drink too much coffee. Now coffee, tea and different things are actually good […]

Stretch Your Spine – Energize Your Life

I was recently doing some filming at a local chiropractors office.  I overheard him talking to our “model” about thyroid issues. – Nerve energy flows through the spinal cord. When there is a restriction in the nerve energy, any of the organs of the body can be affected to one degree or another.  So it’s […]