Dr. Weil

Love Dr. Andrew Weil, Jam Packed with Healing Information

Just love this video. Dr. Andrew Weil talks about a number of topics. Back and neck pain Mind body connection Sleep Depression Mushrooms Herbs, tea, food And much more. These Foods & Habits BOOST BRAIN HEALTH & End Inflammation! | Andrew Weil & Lewis Howes Love to hear your comments and ideas. Been a fan […]

Educating Youth on the Value of Fresh Living Greens

Enlightening America’s Youth Creating a Greener Future! Growing Green Vegetables – Nutrition with Delicious Recipes – Help the Environment Donate Now to Be a Part of This Movement Guiding Today’s Youth to a Cleaner, Greener Future Learn How to Grow Wonderful Produce Learn how to grow leafy greens, microgreens and sprouts. Grow food even in […]

Up and Over, Eye Movement, Brain Balancing Exercise

http://DrPhyllisBooks.com This is a fun little exercise to balance the hemispheres of the brain. Crossing the mid-line is a key to this movement. Right hand goes to left knee and left hand to right knee. Try it as a morning warm up, or on a get up and stretch break, if you sit a lot […]

Muscle Testing with Cranial Circuit Locating

Flo Barber-Hancock, L.M.T., Ph.D. teaches a group of Touch for Health students about the connection between cranial sutures and specific muscle responses in the body. Her demo also includes instruction on circuit locating, a valuable skill for energy work.

Healthy Recipes, Meals and Snacks

Here is a playlist from Youtube with an excellent variety of healthy recipe ideas. Chow down on good health!   Please give your comments and thumbs up for these videos.   And share them everywhere! Spread the good news of healthy living.

Herbs for Energy

What’s an Adaptogen? Ginseng is what’s know as an Adaptogenic herb. Thats’ an herb that helps the body adapt to stress, fatigue, anxiety and cold. Adaptogen is a relatively new word, herbalists in the past, commonly referred to them as rejuvenating herbs or qi tonics. Qi means energy,   Bob Linde Talks about the Adaptogenic […]

Tips for Sleeping Better

  It’s amazing how much better I feel, when I get a … But a good night’s sleep doesn’t always happen all by itself. In fact insomnia, or trouble sleeping is a huge problem in America today. Stress and poor diet certainly play a role. Some people just don’t have enough time to get a […]