Natural Tooth Cleaners and Whiteners 1

 Tooth Cleaners12 Natural ways to clean and whiten your teeth, with Doc David Gawain D.N.M..

I always like to go the natural way whenever I can, and my teeth and gums are no exception.

A quick and easy paste, made from …

Angel Harp

Angel Harp, Healing Meditation with Dave Watts 1

 Angel HarpEnjoy this beautiful healing angel harp  music,

Dave Watts plays the Angel Harp for us.

The music is soothing and calming.

Listen to this when you first wake up, just before bed, or whenever you need a stress break.
Dave …

Supplements – Friends of Faux

Certified NutritionistThere are many named diets out there, and they all have something in common, a fact that has never been argued by anyone: raw honey is better for you than white sugar and brown rice is better for you than …

Real Food

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Heart Meditation; Love, Compassion, and Relationships

Heart MeditationHere is a short meditation for enhancing the energy in your heart.

This simple meditation can help to build love and compassion in your heart.

It may also improve relationships in your life with all the people you come in …

Just for Fun, A Music Video

music video
Ever had your heart broken, or been Kicked to the Curb by your soulmate? Or the person you thought was you soulmate?

Sometimes  it’s better just to look at things in a more lighthearted way. It can help to ease …

kicked to the curb

container garden on a boat

Garden on Boat, Grow Your Veggies Anywhere 1

Garden Boat
Leafy greens, beets, cucumbers, herbs and more thriving on a sailboat.

Doc David Gawain has an awesome system for growing plants that are a healthy part of an alkaline diet.

Or any amazing healthy diet for that matter. Living greens …

Simple Trick to Improve Dental Health, Ancient Secret

Oil Pulling
Check out the improvement in Doc Dave’s teeth.

He has before and after pictures in this video.

You won’t hear about this from your dentist. This kind of information might put him out of business.

Dave’s teeth are noticeably whiter …


Growing Sweet Potatoes

Growing Sweet PotatoesGrowing Your own Vegetables and Fruits, guarantees you a fresh supply of organic produce at a very low cost.

Nathan Levy gives us a sweet potato growing tutorial in just over three and a half minutes.

Did you know the …

Create a Truly Happy Life 1

Happy LifeWhat does it really take to be happy?

First just decide, I am going to be happy.

Friends, social interaction, human touch, good healthy energy giving food, music, laughter and fun can make being happy a breeze.

Share your joy …