Nutrition from food

How to Optimize Your Nutrition for Vibrant Health

Do we really need vitamins? If you eat, whole, organic, locally grown food, from mostly plant sources. And work outside in fresh, unpolluted air, drink pure water, sleep 9 hours a night, are mostly free from chronic stressors, move your body every day, and are free from exposure to environmental toxins. Then, of course you […]

Do You Read Ingredient Labels? And a Better Way

Most health conscious people are good at reading ingredient labels. Every once in a while something scary slips by. When you think of guacamole, you think avocado. But check out the ingredient list in this guacamole “flavored” dip. There are over 35 ingredients including food coloring. The video gives the whole scoop.

A Salad with Healthy Fats

Fat is not the demon everyone is making it out to be. People are waking up to the fact that their are good fats and bad fats. Here is a salad recipe that contains some good healthy fats in the form of nuts and seeds, along with some olive oil.

Video, Beware of Mercury Poisoning

We all know about the benefits of omega 3 fatty acids. Cold water fish like salmon, herring and sardines, are abundant sources of omega 3s. These fish are relatively low in mercury. Other types of fish are not so good. Mercury toxicity is a growing problem. Larger and more carnivorous fish tend to have more […]

How to Replenish the Adrenals

Adrenal fatigue can leave you feeling very exhausted. If you are tired a lot, even after you rested or slept, talk to a doctor who knows about adrenal fatigue. I’m not a doctor, so do your own adrenal fatigue research. There are certain nutrients that support the adrenal glands.

Fix Your Thyroid Through Your Gut?

Sean Croxton shares some great information about the thyroid today. The thyroid is the master controller of your metabolism. If you struggle to lose weight and have low energy, you might want to take a look at the thyroid.

Detoxification Made Simple, with Dotty Bryn

Here is a list of simple detoxification techniques. Dotty Bryn from Transformations for Health, shares with us in this video. Getting the body cleaned up on the inside is far more important than cleaning the outside, when it comes to health and vitality.

Here is 6 Pounds of Produce, Made into Juice

Here is a guy that drinks freshly made juice everyday, and eats fiber rich foods. Check out how vibrant and alive he looks in this video, aged over 80 years old. So what makes juicing so special? The concentrated nutrients can be absorbed directly into the bloodstream from the intestines. Many people are not aware […]