What you are doing wrong with your Workout

Workout BetterWorkout, but don’t hurt yourself.

Here is a better way to lift weights and get some good resistance training.

Doing the reps slower, with more focus improves the quality of the exercise and makes it safer.

Less chance for injury or strain.

Qi Gong Flow For Beginners

Qigong flowQigong is a wonderful stress reducing and energy enhancing exercise.

Qigong is like meditation in motion. It is a slow gentle movement with a focus on breathing.

A great way to release tension and loosen up tight muscles.

If You Get the Cold or Flu, Immune System Power

Dr. Mercola shares his advice for the cold and flu season. I have always appreciated what Dr. Mercola has to say. He is one of the smartest doctors I know. This is the time of year when we get exposed to a lot of germs, parties, family gattherings, shopping and more, puts us in contact […]

Ab Workout on Swiss Ball

Swiss Ball Abs
I love these Swiss Ball workouts.

There is a lot you can do with these balls and they really add to the diversity of the exercises.

It is a lot easier to get a targeted ab workout on a Swiss ball, as opposed to lying on the floor.

Increase Fat Burning, without Reducing Calories

Here are 3 well thought out strategies for revving up metabolism. The net effect is, more weight lost for the same number of calories. Check out Dr Mark Hyman’s video fro the full scoop. He is right up there in my list of Youtube favorites.

How to Sprout Nuts & Seeds, Diet Tips

SproutingWhat is so great about soaking and sprouting seeds?

Enzyme rich, living food! That is wonderful for the human body.

Sprouting seeds generally makes them easier to digest and more nutrient and enzyme dense.
The video gives complete instructions on how to do it.

Yoga in Bed, Wake Up an Easier Way

Posture This is a great way to wake up in the morning, a lot better than jarring yourself out of the sack.

Tara makes this a very pleasant video to watch. She is a sweet girl.
I am often stiff first thing in the morning and a bit of yoga is just what the doctor ordered.
Check out the video at this link >>

Enhance Energy, Build Chi, Twist the Spine

QigongImagine Chi as light, filling the space between your hands.

Imagine this light filling your entire being with balanced energy and good health.

Feel you are holding a ball of chi energy between your hands.
Watch the video and build your chi energy in a few minutes.

Heavy Metals Replace Good Minerals

PostureCalcium, magnesium, phosphorous, iron are the good metals, serving many valuable functions in the body.

The problem with heavy metals like lead, mercury and others is that they can replace the good metals in the body.

Cadmium can replace zinc, and lead displaces calcium, these are just two examples.