Stretch Your Spine – Energize Your Life

I was recently doing some filming at a local chiropractors office.  I overheard him talking to our “model” about thyroid issues. – Nerve energy flows through the spinal cord. When there is a restriction in the nerve energy, any of the organs of the body can be affected to one degree or another.  So it’s […]

Growing Herbs, the Easy Way to Get Organic Food

Herbs are easy to grow Herbs are the original “weeds”. Most herbs are just that, weeds that are now grown in gardens all over the world. They are extremely easy to grow. Most herbs will flourish with very little care. They are much easier to grow, and require less maintenance than vegetables or fruit trees. […]

The Rat Race – Omega 3 Fats and Your Brain

Ever Wondered How to Get Your Brain to Work Better? This little video, starring 2 rats, clearly show one outperforming the other by several fold. The rats come from the same mother, with the same genetics. The only difference, omega 3 fats. They also talk about how human babies differ in IQ, when they are […]

Reflexlogy for Health and Wellbeing

I enjoyed this little video about reflexology. This relaxing foot massage covers several areas of the body. There is nothing like a good foot massage to relax and promote a healing response in the body. You can try this out with a friend, or even massage your own feet. Learn about basic reflexology principles in […]

Improve digestion with enzymes

Digestive Enzymes, Nutrition and Your Health – Video We have been preaching the – Good Digestion – message for a long time. When I saw this video, I said, right on sister.  It’s amazing the number of people who suffer from digestive issues, as well as the  fatigue and low energy that accompany these maladies. […]

The Whole Truth About Milk – video

Is milk really a health food? This short video, I came across on Youtube gives some great insight into  the real value of milk. There is a world of difference between raw organic milk, and the typical stuff you find in the grocery store. The very last thing he says, –  Some European nations have […]

Heavy Metals Displace Good Minerals

We have gotten a number of positive reports from folks who now have better energy and feel better than ever.  One of the things these people have in common, is working to remove heavy metals and toxins from the body. Heavy metals can take the place of beneficial minerals in the body. This can create […]

Yoga twist

Yoga Seated Twist

Put a smile on your face with this energizing yoga pose. Twisting poses stimulate the spine, the primary conduit of nerve energy in the human body. Break up tension in your vertebrae and loosen up your back. Twisting poses tend to have an invigorating effect. This pose is great to do if you need more […]