If You Get the Cold or Flu, Immune System Power

Immune SystemDr. Mercola shares his advice for the cold and flu season.

I have always appreciated what Dr. Mercola has to say. He is one of the smartest doctors I know.

This is the time of year when we get exposed to a lot of germs, parties, family gattherings, shopping and more, puts us in contact with lots of people.

What You Can do When You Get the Cold or Flu

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That is why I like to make sure my immune system is in tip top shape this time of year. Holiday goodies loaded with sugar and other refined madness makes it even more challenging.  Along with the good Doctors ideas, a positive attitude and loving spirit can go a long way toward keeping one healthy, even when surrounded by germs.

Here is a summary of Dr. Mercola’s suggestions, with some of my added thoughts.

  • Pay attention to your Vitamin D levels. The best way is to get out in the sun more with exposed skin. Ok this is tough in the winter. So there is vitamin D supplements
  • Keep sugar to a minimum. Ok so you are going to have some Christmas cookies, but if you feel yourself coming down with a cold or bug, this is the time to get rid of all sugar.
  • Get enough sleep. Keep caffeine to a minimum in the afternoon
  • Don’t let stress get out of control. Practice a relaxation technique. Treat yourself to a yoga class.
  • Exercise the right amount. Over exercising can compromise the immune system.
  • He briefly discusses the virtues of vitamin C, zinc and echinacea, and a few other nutritional supplements.
  • I like his idea about the hydrogen peroxide in the ear. I tried it and it does help keep the ears cleaned out. I warm up the bottle by placing it over a heat vent. Then I pour a little bit into my hand,then pour into ear.
  • Lastly I drink Dr. Miller’s Iaso tea every day to help keep myself cleaned out on the inside.
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  1. I too am a great fan of using natural products to keep the immune system in peak condition.
    Apart from a healthy and nutritious diet, there are many supplements from natural sources available to make sure we get adequate vitamins, minerals etc.

    Why do so many people rely on man-made products to improve their health?

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