Is Caffeine Affecting Your Sleep?

Many of us need a shot of caffeine to “Wake Up” in the morning. But what time of day do you have your last cup of go go juice? For me any caffeine I drink after lunch time has the potential of interrupting sleep.

Mobile Chiropractic Service

Call Us Now 919-349-9413 Mobile Chiropractic – now the doctor comes to the patient, just like in the old days when doctors made house calls, only better. Unlike most chiropractors, we offer Mobile Chiropractic Service. We happily travel to the patient at home, work, or wherever they are. Patients can always choose to come to […]

Is Stress Making You Tired and Fat?

Great video on how the various hormones interact in the body; DHEA, Pregnenolone, Cortisol and more. If you exercise, diet and still struggle to lose weight, you may want to take a look at the hormonal picture. Stress is a major player in this scenario.

Good Yoga Poses for Runners

Here  is a yoga instructor who was able to help her brother with his running regime. With just a simple breathing technique, he was able to greatly extend his running mileage. In this video, she also gives instructions for several good stretches targeted towards runners.

Knee to Floor Pose

Here is a good yoga pose for beginners. Start out by just lying on the floor, with knees bent. Have a slight curve in your lower back.

Releasing the Lower Back with a Good Leg Stretch

Here is a yoga pose that may be helpful for some types of sciatica. It is also a great hamstring stretch, as well as hips, thighs, groins and calves. Using a belt makes this pose much easier, in fact, it is easy to relax the head and breathe deep. So stack things in your favor, […]

Correct Sitting Posture for a Happy Spine

We spend a lot of time sitting; at the desk, the computer, in front of the tv, in the car…. If we have bad posture while sitting, back pain and stiffness can result. This little video, talks about the 3 primary curves of the spine. Having good lumbar support is really the most important.