Making Light Work of Digestion – Enzyme Balance

Digestion - Enzyme Balance

I clearly feelĀ  best when I reach positive enzyme balance.

I eat mostly fresh, raw organic vegetables, rich in natural enzymes.

I’m consuming small amounts of protein and healthy fat. This makes light work for the digestive system.

I also take extra enzyme supplements.

Making Light Work of Digestion

A lifetime of poor eating habits

I spent most of my early years of life eating processed, cooked, canned and boxed foods. These types of “foods” contain little if any enzymes. The pancreas then has to pick up the slack.

With this little regime, I actually get more enzymes than I need for just digestion. That leaves extra enzymes to help out other areas of my body.

I always feel a lot better when I get my enzymes balanced.

  • More energy
  • Improved mental clarity
  • Better mood
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Liquid vitamins typically have better absorption. The digestive system doesn’t have to break down a “pill”.

The body can only utilize the nutrition is absorbs from the digestive tract.

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