Is Caffeine Affecting Your Sleep?

Sleep and CaffeineMany of us need a shot of caffeine to “Wake Up” in the morning.

But what time of day do you have your last cup of go go juice?

For me any caffeine I drink after lunch time has the potential of interrupting sleep.

How to Sleep Better
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Impact of Stress on Sleep

The stress caused by too much caffeine can also have a negative impact on ability to sleep. Stress pumps up cortisol in the body, our stress hormone. Cortisol is supposed to go down at night and melatonin should go up. Too much stress leads to too much cortisol at the wrong time of day, and poor sleep quality.

B Vitamin Sleep Connection

I was talking to my chiropractor about my sleep issues on my last visit. He said, B vitamins are important for good sleep. Caffeine and stress tend to burn up B vitamins at a faster rate than normal.

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Liquid Advantage

Here is one of my favorite liquid vitamins. I find that liquids absorb much better and faster than pills.

Sub-optimal digestive function is widespread in today’s fast food world. Stress also has a negative impact on digestion. When you are facing a stressor, the body has more important things to do than digest food.

Please tell us about your experience with insomnia and or caffeine.  We love to hear success stories. Use the comment box below.

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