Yoga in Bed, Wake Up an Easier Way

Posture This is a great way to wake up in the morning, a lot better than jarring yourself out of the sack.

Tara makes this a very pleasant video to watch.
I am often stiff first thing in the morning and a bit of yoga is just what the doctor ordered.

Morning Yoga in Bed

2 Minutes of Yoga

This little routine will help get you centered and focused for the day. If you use an alarm clock to wake up and like to hit the snooze bar, you can roll over and do a few stretches.

I don’t use an alarm clock anymore, so I just wake up when I am done sleeping. The Beauty of working for yourself.

This whole deal only takes about 2 minutes and gives a much better launch to your day.

Quick Morning Yoga Rundown

  • Start out lying on your back
  • Stretch out through your arms and legs
  • Then do a twist to each side
  • Pull the knee in and gently circle to loosen up the hip
  • Lie on your side for a moment before pushing yourself up to sitting, just as if you were getting up from savasasna
  • Then do a little meditation, even if it is just 30 seconds
  • Do a few stretches sitting on the sideĀ  of the bed.
  • Finally stand up for s nice tall stretch
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