Abdominal Core Work – Swiss Ball Roll Out

There is a whole world of exercises that can be done on a swiss ball, that are not available otherwise. This particular move is great for strengthening your core. It’s a bit of an intermediate to advanced movement.

Lose weight and boost energy – Acid Diet vs Alkaline Diet

An alkaline diet is by far the fastest way to become more energetic and to look and feel younger. Wow that is a strong statement, but it’s the first thing out of Chris Guerrioro’s mouth in this video clip. I couldn’t agree more. I’ve been a fan of the alkaline diet for a long time. […]

Dr. Russ On the Call Again Tonight

I loved the last call with Dr Russ, it was loaded with great Natural Health and pH Balancing info. He’s back tonight and I am going to be on the line for sure. TLC’s   REST   OF   THE   STORY (201) 793-9022   Pin No. 6046762# Monday, June 1st, 2009 6:00 PM PST –  9 PM EST

YouTube – Improve Your Posture with Yoga – Part 1

This yoga video has the groovinest music south of the Mason Dixon line. Posture is the theme, proper posture that is. This is part one of the Yoga for Proper Posture series. YouTube – Improve Your Posture with Yoga – Part 1. Yoga Video for Posture Proper Alingment of Your Spine Yoga students everywhere are […]

Science of the Heart

Heart brain interaction is extremely interesting stuff. Love, compassion, and gratitude can have a profound positive effect, not only on our own bodies, but our relationships as well. HeartMath is a really cool piece of science. This quick little video, spells out the heart-brain connection rather nicely.

This Girl has a Great IBS Story

There’s very few people today who eat a diet of entirely raw foods. We know that organic,  locally grown, raw foods are rich in enzymes. Who really eats that way? And, how long could you maintain a diet like that?

Does, coffee, Tea and Cola, Contibute to Chronic Pain and Stiffness?

Do caffeine containing substances like coffee, tea and chocolate contribute to pain in the human body? Well for me, yes, it definitely does. I can feel my jaw tensing up, my neck getting stiff, my lower back getting sore, especially if I drink too much coffee. Now coffee, tea and different things are actually good […]

Fix Your Brain – Cool off Inflammation

Are Depression, ADD, Autism and other Mental Problems Related to Inflammation? Can some simple dietary adjustments and nutritional additions make a difference? The UltraMind Solution: Key #3 – Cool off Inflammation

Go Raw Now – Raw Food – Energy and Health

Before I take health advice from anybody, I take a good look at them. Do they look healthy? Do they have energy? You can tell a lot about a person’s mental clarity, by looking them in the eye.  Sure some folks are just in a different place in their journey. The road to recovery is […]