3 Exercises for a Strong Core – Stability Ball


Core Exercises

Good thorough instructions for 3 stability ball exercises.

Great for working the core muscles, improving posture and toning abs

Variations are provided for different fitness levels, from beginner to athlete in training.

3 Exercises for a Strong Core

The 3 stability exercises are:

  • Traditional Crunch
  • Back extension
  • Supine Plank

To start with, you want to make sure you have the correct size stability ball. they come in various sizes. You can always add some air, or let a little out. I happen to like the ones that come with a little bit of sand inside, they stay in one place a little easier and don’t roll all around.

Listen carefully to the instructions in this video, so as to do the exercises correctly. Consistent practice is what yields the best results.

If you enjoy these exercises, please use the comment form below to let know what you think. Additional tips and hints are also welcome.

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