Correct Sitting Posture for a Happy Spine



We spend a lot of time sitting; at the desk, the computer, in front of the tv, in the car….

If we have bad posture while sitting, back pain and stiffness can result.

This little video, talks about the 3 primary curves of the spine. Having good lumbar support is really the most important.

Correct Posture for Back Support
  • Lumbar curve – low back
  • Thoracic – mid back
  • cervical -the neck

About 2 years ago, an acupuncturist friend of mine hooked me up with a Lumbar Support Cushion for my van. Now wherever I drive, I have that lumbar support, helping my lower back maintain a healthy curve. I have much less discomfort now while driving. My sciatica especially used to really bother me on long trips. Now that’s part of the past, I can drive without discomfort and having to stop and stretch out every half hour or so.

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