Dr. Russ On the Call Again Tonight

I loved the last call with Dr Russ, it was loaded with great Natural Health and pH Balancing info.

He’s back tonight and I am going to be on the line for sure.


(201) 793-9022   Pin No. 6046762#

Monday, June 1st, 2009

6:00 PM PST –  9 PM EST

Doc Russ is going to discuss “What stops the fat burning process”

TLC’s special guest will be Dr. Russ Newman, CL, PMD.  He is a Doctor of Preventative Medicine and a Certified Lymphologist serving the Phoenix area for over 10 years and is one of the valley’s most influential health educators.  Join us and learn why he shares the Iaso Tea and NutraBurst with his clients.

When you are done listening tonight, call me ASAP

John Houser 919-649-7898

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  1. John,
    I haven’t been in touch for quite sometime now. I will not use any excuses. Thanks for the information on the
    doctors information. I wasn’t around to listen. Life has been hectic and old age is catching up with me. i will call soon to get some more of the pouches for my water. Could use a new chart for the foods that you gave me before. Mine is warn out and i have some ladies interested in knowing about pH Balance and the right food to eat. Is there such a thing that measures the pH of foods (hope not expensive). Please take care.

    Rita Stewart

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