More Great Uses for Coconut Oil

Sean gives us a bunch of great uses for coconut oil in this video. He also talks about why coconut oil is so wonderful. The medium chain fatty acids, along with the lauric acid give coconut oil some properties, not found in many other foods.

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Coconut Oil Produces Energy

Did you know coconut oil is a natural energizer? It can actually help boost your energy in a non-caffeine way. It does not force the body into an energetic state, like a big cup of coffee would. It actually gives the body the nutrition it needs to boost itself up.

energizing amino acids

Natural Energizers, Amino Acids for Brain Energy

Natural EnergizersNatural Highs, Feel Good All the Time, by Hyla Cass M.D. and Patrick Holford is one of my favorite books of all time.

It talks about how to get your brain working better and happier with natural supplements.

Chapter 5 is entitled, Natural Energizers

Coconut Oil Benefits Blood Sugar and Diabetics

Blood Sugar and DiabeticsBruce Fife C.N., N.D. talks about the benefits of coconut oil for diabetics and those with blood sugar issues.
Coconut oil helps to slow down the adsorption of sugar from the blood stream.
Also according to Bruce, it helps the pancreas.

Networking vs Traditional Business Like a Franchise or Store

Networking vs Traditional BusinessLets take a look at the differences between a traditional business and a network marketing business.

To get started in a traditional business, or a franchise, it typically takes a large investment of capital. You have to have a building, product inventory, employees, equipment, utilities, this list could go on.

How to Impress The Crap Out of Your Doctor

PostureDoes your doctor know anything about supplements, or just prescription drugs and disease?

This little video gives some great tips about a few nutritional supplements and some of the deficiency problems that might result.

There is also a tip about sleeping and how to tell if your pillow is right for you.

Reverse Adrenal Fatigue with Natural Medicine, Dr. Agrios

Adrenal Fatigue with Natural MedicineWhat is making adrenal fatigue so much more common these days.

Bigger and badder cups of Starbucks for one thing. Along with energy drinks, giant size soda, and oh don’t forget the low fat diet. That usually means more sugar.

So large amounts of caffeine and sugar are 2 big time contributors to adrenal fatigue.
But what can you do to fix it?