Increase Happy Hormones & Instantly Relieve Stress

Increase Happy HormonesHere is a quick and easy way to get feeling better.

It is a little breathing technique that balances the brain and helps you to focus.

Give it a try if you have 30 seconds to spare, it works great for me

How To Instantly Relieve Stress & Increase Happy Hormones

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Alternate nostril breathing comes from yoga. You have probably heard of left brain and right brain type thinking. This easy technique balances both sides of the brain and helps to encourage, Whole Brain thinking. The best way to use your brain. Also helps to calm, relax and focus.

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I would love to hear you comments after you give this short little meditation method a try. Did you notice a difference in your mood, or how you felt?

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  1. i have a daughter with a lot of stress. its mainly from health issues. i loved this video and would love to hear other calming ideas to help her. thanks a bunch. jen

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