Here is 6 Pounds of Produce, Made into Juice

JuicingHere is a guy that drinks freshly made juice everyday, and eats fiber rich foods.

Check out how vibrant and alive he looks in this video, aged over 80 years old.

So what makes juicing so special? The concentrated nutrients can be absorbed directly into the bloodstream from the intestines. Many people are not aware of the huge difference between store bought juice and freshly made juice.

Part 2 – Why is Juicing So Important?

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The truth is I NEVER drink juice from a supermarket. If I am going to have juice, it will be freshly made, right out of the juicer. Or maybe I will opt for a blender smoothie made with fresh produce.

The big difference is in the enzymes. Freshly made juice is loaded with enzymes, that help the body be energized and super healthy. Store bought juice is pasteurized, that means, no enzymes. Everything has been killed. That allows it to sit on the shelf until you buy it, and you don’t end up ingesting some harmful bacteria.

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