Networking vs Traditional Business Like a Franchise or Store

Networking vs Traditional BusinessLets take a look at the differences between a traditional business and a network marketing business.

To get started in a traditional business, or a franchise, it typically takes a large investment of capital. You need a building, product inventory,  employees, equipment, utilities, this list could go on.

Networking vs Traditional Business Like a Franchise or Store

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Running a traditional business takes a large amount of time. You might say you are married to the business. I personally know some people who spend 16+ hours a day on their businesses, just to keep their head above water.

Then there is the advertising budget. You have to get people to come in the door, or it won’t last long.

So it boils down to this, you have to make a lot of sales, just to break even. Then you can think about making a profit.

Network Marketing Business Model is  Different.

For starters the cash layout is the cost of the product each month.  Hopefully in a product you will use and get some benefit out of.  Some companies have a  start up kit, or enrollment fee. Still exponentially less than a traditional business.

Marketing by Mouth

The primary marketing channel is word of mouth.  You can also use the internet, direct mail, home parties, meeting, or the telephone. So there may or may not be marketing expense involved.

The great part about network marketing is this, you have an established company working with you.

The Network Marketing company provides the product. They do the manufacturing, shipping, billing, customer service, refunds and a lot more. The typical company has a home office complete with computers, phone system, trained employees and more.

Your main job is to promote the company, get people interested in a great product line, one that you use yourself.

Here is the Part I love Best

Once you connect a customer with the company, you get paid a lifetime commission on all their purchases. Usually both you and the customer need to stay active in the company for this to take place. But it is a great thing. Ongoing residual income. Do the work once; connect the person to the company, and get paid over and over.

It is best to find a company with a consumable product. One that is used daily. Nutritional products fit this bill nicely.

Training Provided

Any good networking company will provide training to it’s people. Your upline should be able to give you support on this. Conference calls, books, brochures, videos, meetings and one on one coaching are all good examples.

So you are in business for yourself, not by yourself.

My Personal Favorite

Right now TLC is my top networking company of choice. Learn more here.. Why?

  • Low start up cost, a $40 monthly product purchase,
  • No enrollment fee.
  • Outstanding consumable, health building nutrtionals.
  • Free replicating website.
  • Great people to work with.
  • Good training materials.
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