How to Impress The Crap Out of Your Doctor

PostureDoes your doctor know anything about supplements, or just prescription drugs and disease?

This little video gives some great tips about a few nutritional supplements and some of the deficiency problems that might result.

There is also a tip about sleeping and how to tell if your pillow is right for you.

How to Impress The Crap Out of Your Doctor

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Here are some fun things to ask your doc

  • Could excess sweating be caused by a chromium deficiency?
  • White rings around the irises related to high cholesterol
  • Is nail biting an indication of low calcium?
  • How about white nail beds indicating low iron levels
  • Is a craving for chocolate related to low magnesium?
  • How could a craving for carbs be related to mood in the winter?
  • Could your pillow be not quite fluffy enough?

Check out the video for the rest of the tips!

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