Does, coffee, Tea and Cola, Contibute to Chronic Pain and Stiffness?

Caffeine and Pain

Caffeine and Pain

Do caffeine containing substances like coffee, tea and chocolate contribute to pain in the human body?

Well for me, yes, it definitely does. I can feel my jaw tensing up, my neck getting stiff, my lower back getting sore, especially if I drink too much coffee. Now coffee, tea and different things are actually good for some types of people. People have different metabolisms and body types and that kind of thing. If you follow any of the traditional Chinese medicine, ayurveda, or metabolic typing.

Does Caffeine Contribute to Pain?

There is a great book out on the metabolic typing diet, if you haven’t read it. I think it is one of my favorite all-time natural health books and I’ve got a library of them.

So, it really, really tells you what type of diet is right for you. I recommend everybody get that book and read it.

Trip to the Acupuncturist

Several months ago, I went to see an acupuncturist. He did an exam on me, looked at my tongue, and took my pulse. You know, asked me a bunch of questions, detailed questions about my health. He said to me, “No caffeine. You’ve got to quit caffeine altogether. According to your situation and your body type,” he told me, “It is best if you get off caffeine altogether.”

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Well, at the time, I was a big-time coffee drinker and had quite a large dose of coffee each day. I decided that I am going to at least cut down gradually. So I decided, well, I’ll go to tea and I get down to green tea and white tea which really has much less caffeine in it. My pain actually diminished. It went down quite a bit. It didn’t go away entirely. But actually, the stiffness in my neck and jaw, lower back, different parts of my body, actually improved when I went from coffee to tea. I noticed a definite difference.

Back to Coffee and Back to Pain

Now, here’s what happened to me. One day, I was just craving coffee and it smelt good and I wanted a cup, so I drank a cup of coffee. I was addicted right back to it. A couple of weeks went by and I was drinking coffee and I’m noticing that pain is worse. What am I doing? So, I immediately went back to drinking tea only and hey, my pain level again went down.

pH Balance

So, there was definitely a noticeable difference between coffee and tea. You also have to look at the pH balancing effect. Coffee is much more acidic than tea in general.

The Story of Chocolate and  a Stiff Neck

I also have a friend who is a professional in the natural health field. She is not a chocolate eater. But one day, she ate a piece of chocolate. It was Halloween. She remembers the day. The next day she woke up and her neck was just so tight, so intense. She had to struggle to get out of bed. She had to go to a chiropractor that day and have it worked on.


Do Caffeine Contatining Substances, like Coffee, Tea and Cola, Contribute to Pain in the Body?
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  1. Great blog,I would also suggest that you consider a visit to a local chiropractor. They can offer you pain relief using specific chiropractic techniques that involve hands-on manipulation of the body and thus helping the body to heal itself. You will be surprised what a chiropractor can do for you.

  2. This is very fascinating. I wonder though if some people are more sensitive to the effects of coffee and chocolate. I had to quit drinking coffee because I became super sensitive to the caffeine I also notice it when I eat chocolate sometimes. The caffeine in tea is a natural caffeine and is a slower release than coffee so it is much more tolerable.

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