This Girl has a Great IBS Story

Enzymes and Health

Enzymes and Health

There’s very few people today who eat a diet of entirely raw foods.

We know that organic,  locally grown, raw foods are rich in enzymes.

Who really eats that way?
And, how long could you maintain a diet like that?

Digestive Enzymes, Nutrition and Your Health

I wouldn’t recommend that anyone eat a 100% raw food diet for more than a few days anyway. It’s a great cleansing routine.

However, Vibrant Heath Seekers

The protein, fat and other nutrients found in meat are necessary for optimum vibrant.

Balance is the real key. I  feel best when I consume a fairly high percentage of raw vegetables in the form of organic salads and vegetable blender smoothies. I also have a bit of clean meat with my salad and maybe some protein powder and fish oil with my smoothie. So it’s not 100%, it moves in the right direction.

This Girl has a Great IBS Success Story

Being desperate for a fix,  she started taking enzymes. I love to hear about people who have a happy ending to  serious health challenge. I’m sure she did other stuff, like eat healthy foods, reduce stress and make lifestyle modifications. Don’t expect enzymes themselves to cure much.

I’m an enzyme taker

I’m a big believer in enzymes myself. During my Detox Boot Camp, I load up. I have a friend in the natural health field; “Whenever I go out to eat, I take extra enzymes and probiotics. My digestive system needs all the help it can get” He says.

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