Waking Up with Emotional Freedom Technique EFT

Do you feel like a grump when you wake up?

Using the Emotional Freedom Technique is a fun idea

What is your emotional state when you first wake up?

Waking Up with Emotional Freedom Technique EFT

Follow along with this video and tomorrow, you could wake up feeling better. I’m going to give it a try today. I’ll let you know later on how it went.

You might want to try this for a few days in a row to get the most out of it. Some may need even more time, we are all different after all.

This tapping technique or EFT, for emotional freedom as it’s rightly called, – it’s all over the internet on various videos and websites. Apparently lots of people are getting good results, especially if it’s an emotional based issue.

Sometimes, pain in the  body, as well as any condition under the sun, may have an emotional component. It is a mind body connection after all. No sense in looking just at the physical.

Longevity researchers have found small pockets of people around the globe, that are more long lived, and in better health than the average Westerner.

Yes they eat a more natural diet, and yes they get lots of exercise in the fresh air and sunshine. They are also happy overall and emotionally stable. This makes for a more peaceful and satisfying society for all.

EFT can help bring more balanced emotions to your life. This can bring healing from a different angle than physical approaches like nutrition, exercise, massage and a host of other therapies.

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