Fix Your Brain – Cool off Inflammation

Are Depression, ADD, Autism and other Mental Problems Related to Inflammation?

Can some simple dietary adjustments and nutritional additions make a difference?

The UltraMind Solution: Key #3 – Cool off Inflammation

Hidden Food Allergy?

Do you suffer from hidden food allergies? I know I did. This is one of the topics Dr Mark Hyman covers in this video.

Unexplained Fatigue

For me it was wheat. It always made me tired and dropped my motivation level to almost zero. Hidden food allergies are just one of the causes of inflammation.

Causes of Inflammation

  1. Poor Diet – Sugar, trans fats, refined grains
  2. Food allergens – as mentioned. Most people are usually unaware of which foods cause the problem.
  3. Imbalances in digestive function
  4. Toxins – Heavy metals, pesticides
  5. Low grade, chronic, hidden infections
  6. Stress – Physical or emotional
  7. Sedentary – lack of movement, too little or too much exercise
  8. Not enough sleep
  9. Nutritional deficiency

Holistic Approach

I love this part of the video, ” a patient came to me with a whole list of problems. That’s why I call myself a holistic doctor.”

Often a person suffering from a laundry list of problems, has a few underlying issues that need to be addressed.

My Story

I’m feeling a lot better now that I have learned to avoid wheat and clean up a lot of the other junk in my diet. A good regime of nutritional supplements covers all my nutritional bases.

I take very seriously the last thing he says, “Often the first thing to do to fix your brain is to fix your gut!”

That’s why I make sure I take extra enzymes to help the digestive process.

This week, I’m taking dietarty clean up and body mind revitalization to a new level with my Detox Boot Camp.

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