Benefits of Keeping a Food Journal

Food JournalAre you REALLY eating healthy foods?

Most people just think they are. Do you know how much food you are eating in a day?

A food journal is a great way to keep track of what you actually are eating. The results may surprise you.

Healthy Nutrition Tip How to Food Journal, by Better Body Nutrition Austin

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The Best Way to Keep a Food Journal

The best food journal is plain paper and a pen. Yes there are online journals,  those are useful. The advantage of paper, is you can carry it around with you and write it down right away. No having to remember or type it in later. A small notebook is great for the task.

After keeping your journal for a few days, you can look back and see how you are doing.

You can also do this in reverse order. Write out what you want to eat, an eating plan, over the next few days and see how well you follow it.

If you are keeping a food journal or thinking about it we would love to hear your thoughts and input. Please use the comment box below. Thanks.

Some of the newer Smartphones, like the iPhone have food journal apps that can be useful and you can carry it wherever you go, eliminating the need for paper.

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