Tips for Sleeping Better


It’s amazing how much better I feel, when I get a …
But a good night’s sleep doesn’t always happen all by itself. In fact insomnia, or trouble sleeping is a huge problem in America today. Stress and poor diet certainly play a role.

Some people just don’t have enough time to get a full night of rest. They are working long hours, sometimes more than one job, and have family responsibilities on top of that. The reasons for not getting enough sleep are many and varied.

I’ve discovered that getting good quality sleep is just as important as the quantity of sleep.


Tips for Sleeping Better

Make the room dark as possible. Even small amounts of light can affect out bodies production of melatonin, an important sleep hormone. Get better curtains, hide the alarm clock, get rid of the night light.

Keep your cool. The right temperature can make the difference between getting good zzz’s or tossing and turning all night. The best sleep temperature zone is between 60-65 degrees.

Axe the caffeine after lunch.
Anytime caffeine is consumed after mid-day it can potential affect sleep quality. We don’t need to make it harder on our self to get to sleep. Some of my friends say that too much jolt juice makes their muscles tense and tight, making it harder to get comfy in bed.

Make the bedroom a special place
, – for sleeping. Clear the clutter. Make the room look nice. Don’t have a TV or computer in the room. The bedroom should only be used for sleeping and love, nothing else. Make the room a special sanctuary where you can forget about bills, work, stressful problems and so on.

Lovely Lavender.
Aromatherapist teach that there a several essential oils that promote relaxation. Lavender is the most well known. It can be diffused into the air. You also might want to take a nice hot lavender scented bath.

Herbal Tea. Herbalists will tell you that valerian, hops, passion flower and others make for a relaxing tea. I really enjoy a good hot cup of tea before bed. I find it very soothing.

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