How To Get 6 Pack Abs Without A Single Crunch: 15 Minute Upper Body Workout

 This guy is claiming you can get a great abdominal workout, just using upper body exercises.

I tried it and it works. 

The whole exercise routine took about 15 minutes.


15 Minute Upper Body Workout for Killer Abs

So yes, these are all upper body exercises. but they work the abs at the same time. Try it you’ll be surprised. A great core workout with out crunches or situps.

There are just 6 exercies in all. Do the first two back and forth for 5 min, then the next pair for 5 more and finish up with the last 2 movements.

First 2 exercies

  • Chin Ups – 1 short of failure
  • Spider Man Push Up

Next Set

  • 1 Arm Dumbell Shoulder Press
  • Heavy Rows – Push with perfect form

Last Set

  • Lying Dumbell Tricep Extensions
  • One Arm Standing dumbell Curl


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