The Rat Race – Omega 3 Fats and Your Brain

Ever Wondered How to Get Your Brain to Work Better?

Rat Race Video

This little video, starring 2 rats, clearly show one outperforming the other by several fold. The rats come from the same mother, with the same genetics. The only difference, omega 3 fats.

They also talk about how human babies differ in IQ, when they are deficient in omega 3 or not.

I personally have been taking fish oil for several years. The benefits to me are clear.

The Rat Race Video

I also enjoy salmon or sardines several times per week. Whenever I’m shopping for eggs, I look for the brand, high in omega 3. I want to make sure, I’m getting good levels of EPA and DHA in my diet. Being in the web design and internet video business, I need to rely on my brain for top performance.

One of the things I found out long ago, that was amazing to me was this:

If a cow eats it’s natural diet of grass, it has a much better fatty acid profile than a cow, fed the equivalent of junk food. I’m talking about most of the “beef” you find in grocery stores and restaurants. Grass-fed beef is tough to find. I’m lucky that the small farmers market here, has a farmer who sells grass fed beef.

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Reducing omega 6 oils is also a good idea, it’s the ratio of omega 3 to 6 that seems to make the difference.

As always, don’t take my word for it. Do your own research.

This book, Queen of Fats is a good place to start.

Also check out this video on omega 3’s by Chiropractor Shawn Phelan, D.C.

Why Take Fish Oil?

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