Growing Herbs, the Easy Way to Get Organic Food

Grow Herbs

Grow Herbs

Herbs are easy to grow

Herbs are the original “weeds”. Most herbs are just that, weeds that are now grown in gardens all over the world. They are extremely easy to grow. Most herbs will flourish with very little care. They are much easier to grow, and require less maintenance than vegetables or fruit trees.

Even with little space

You can grow herbs just about anywhere. In a pot, on a windowsill, on the side of the house. Wherever you can find some space, and a bit of sunlight.

Grow Your Own Herbs – Video

Start with seeds or plants

You can grow herbs from seeds, or for a quicker start, pick up some plants.  This year I’m going to stock up on herbs at Herbfest. They will have a huge section of herbs, some that can’t be found anywhere else in this area.

It’s not just herbs though, they have classes on medicinal; herbs, composting, herb gardening and a whole host of other stuff. At night there are bands, that are a ton of fun to watch. It’s a whole 10 day herbal festival. Some people travel from all over the US, just to come to Herbfest.

Herbs serve many uses

  • Medicinal herbs – Herbs were the original medicine, until pharmacuetical companies took over.
  • Culinary herbs – Herbs and spices are a much better way to improve the flavor of any dish. Use herbs in place of salt, msg or other less desirable flavoring agents.
  • Herbal teas – Mint is one herb that should be grown in a pot. It will take over your entire garden.
  • Crafts – Herbs are great fro craft projects, table setting and decorations.
  • Vegetables, some herbs can be eaten as vegetables, Cardoon is one example.
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