Stretch Your Spine – Energize Your Life

I was recently doing some filming at a local chiropractors office.  I overheard him talking to our “model” about thyroid issues. – Nerve energy flows through the spinal cord. When there is a restriction in the nerve energy, any of the organs of the body can be affected to one degree or another.  So it’s worthwhile to take good care of your spine, for many reasons beyond just back and neck pain.

Spine Care Basics

  • Chiropractic
  • Inversion Therapy
  • Yoga – Find a class with a well qualified teacher
  • Gentle movements
  • Care when lifting and other activities
  • Sleep position – mattress quality

After a recent motorcycle accident, a friend of mine loaned me his inversion table.  – I love this thing. It allows the discs in my back to get a little extra breathing room. I feel noticeably lighter and more energetic, after just a couple of minutes on the inversion table. It is very relaxing.

Check out the video, to see what one person’s inversion table experience was like.

Giver your vertebrae some breathing room

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  1. I have a bad back.One leg longer than the other,curveture in my spine,herniated disc,bulging and degeneritive.I went threw the drx9000,streching,torcher.$3000.00later,didn’t work,I wish someone told me before I went threw that ordeal.Then a friend told me about this inversion table.I am a plumber and bend in all positions,the doctors said I need to change careers if I didn’t want to be in a wheel chair.I have been plumbing for 26 yrs.and can’t make the money I do,any where else,and I love my job and customers.So I trusted a friend that has one,I have not locked up,like I did for days before I got the inversion table,I can keep on plumbing for another 25 yrs.Thank You Jesus and the inventer of the inversion table,josephine’s plumbing

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