Here is a Gift, Share the Love

I just wanted to share the love this season. Vibrant Health Videos would like  to share this video that was created by a friend. Please share this video with friends and share the love. Feel free to grab the audio and make your own show.

Benefits of Keeping a Food Journal

Are you REALLY eating healthy foods? Most people just think they are. Do you know how much food you are eating in a day? A food journal is a great way to keep track of what you actually are eating. The results may surprise you.

Ardyss Body Magic 2 Step System

Could you use some right now money? Would you like to have more control over your own financial future? Tired of living in fear of lay-offs, downsizing and cutbacks? Watch the video below to learn about one of the premier network marketing companies sweeping the nation today. Create lasting vibrant health and reduce your dependence […]

If You Get the Cold or Flu, Immune System Power

Dr. Mercola shares his advice for the cold and flu season. I have always appreciated what Dr. Mercola has to say. He is one of the smartest doctors I know. This is the time of year when we get exposed to a lot of germs, parties, family gattherings, shopping and more, puts us in contact […]

Mobile Chiropractic Service

Call Us Now 919-349-9413 Mobile Chiropractic – now the doctor comes to the patient, just like in the old days when doctors made house calls, only better. Unlike most chiropractors, we offer Mobile Chiropractic Service. We happily travel to the patient at home, work, or wherever they are. Patients can always choose to come to […]

Correct Sitting Posture for a Happy Spine

We spend a lot of time sitting; at the desk, the computer, in front of the tv, in the car…. If we have bad posture while sitting, back pain and stiffness can result. This little video, talks about the 3 primary curves of the spine. Having good lumbar support is really the most important.

Dr. Russ On the Call Again Tonight

I loved the last call with Dr Russ, it was loaded with great Natural Health and pH Balancing info. He’s back tonight and I am going to be on the line for sure. TLC’s   REST   OF   THE   STORY (201) 793-9022   Pin No. 6046762# Monday, June 1st, 2009 6:00 PM PST –  9 PM EST