Growing Sweet Potatoes

Growing Sweet PotatoesGrowing Your own Vegetables and Fruits, guarantees you a fresh supply of organic produce at a very low cost.

Nathan Levy gives us a sweet potato growing tutorial in just over three and a half minutes.

Did you know the leaves are edible? And it makes a colorful ground cover, where you don’t have to mow the grass.

Growing Sweet Potatoes – Video

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Growing Sweet Potatoes Step by Step

Special thanks to Nathan Levy of

  • Cut the ends off of a sweet potato. Preferably from a batch of extra delicious, healthy sweet potatoes
  • Let them sit for a day or so. The part of the cut exposed to the air should dry up a bit.
  • Plant them in the soil, sand is good. They will grow in even poor quality soil.
  • They don’t really need to be fertilized.
  • Keep watered.
  • Once you have one plant, you can break off bunches of leaves and just stick them in the ground.
  • They make a nice ground cover. The vines will grow and expand to cover a lot of area.
  • Plant a bunch and you will have an edible landscape.

The leaves are edible too and make a great addition to salads. Nathan grows three different colors of sweet potatoes.

This makes a nice tri-color salad.


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