Fruit Infused Water – Alkaline and Yummy, Super Hydration

Fruit Infused WaterHere is an alternative to plain old water.

By letting fruit or herbs infuse into the water, you add a refreshing flavor to the hydration experience. If you like the taste of water better, you are more likely to stay well hydrated and experience all the benefits, like increased energy and mental clarity.

You also add a few tracer minerals and some anti-oxidants.

Fruit Infused Water – Alkaline and Yummy, Super Hydration

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fruit-pineapple-gingerEveryone knows we should be drinking the right amount of water. You are not alone if you frequently fall short of your bodies recommended amount of H2O in a given day.

By making the water taste better, we become positively motivated to drink more water.

Fruit and Herb Infused water Recipe Ideas

  • Add Lemons, or oranges to pineapple. Be sure to use a large amount of filtered water.
  • Cucumber and mint makes a great combination with water.

Use your imagination to come up with new water ideas. You can use almost any kind of fruit and herbs.

We would love to hear about your fruit water ideas below in the comment box. And don’t forget the herbs!


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