The Whole Truth About Milk – video

Is milk really a health food?

This short video, I came across on Youtube gives some great insight into  the real value of milk. There is a world of difference between raw organic milk, and the typical stuff you find in the grocery store.

The very last thing he says, –  Some European nations have found in their studies, coronary artery disease is directly associated with homogenized milk. –  This really shocked me. If anyone is familiar with these studies, I’d love to hear about it in the comment box below.

So Why Does Milk Need to be Pasteurized and Homogenized?

What effect dies that have on our health?  – Check out the video to get the whole scoop.

There are no hormones given to the cows during organic milk production. The cows live in a natural environment.

When cows are allowed to eat grass, their natural food, they have a better omega 3 / omega 6 fatty acid ratio. The CLA values are different. This makes for more nutritious and healthful milk.

Many people are allergic to milk. Some people don’t even realize they are allergic, they suffer from vague symptoms and don;t make the connection that it could be caused by an allergy to dairy. Lactose intolerance is just one issue. The proteins in milk can also cause problems. The pasteurization and homogenization processes don;t help the situation. If you suspect dairy allergy or sensitivity may be a problem for you, try eliminating all dairy products for a week or two and see if it makes a difference in how you feel. You just may end up feeling more energetic and healthier than ever.

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  1. I believe in order to quit smoking, one must first motivate themselves. To make a change at something, it won’t take overnight. Same goes when it comes to smoking. Try to reduce smoking by half every day. It will help.

  2. H Steve, I enjoy your newsletter. If I ever go back into the business I may follow your example. I was intrigued by your being interested in the milk/coronary heart disease connection. I googled “coronary heart disease and milk” and there were over 2M hits. On the first page there were two or three UK hits and one for European Journal of Clinical Nutrition. Saturated fat and calcium being the culprits in the articles I looked at. My plan had been to send you a link if I found something, but there were so many possibilities that I thought you ought to just check them out yourself to see if any were of interest to you. I would have sent my link, but I’m on Firefox and I noticed that was in part of the address; so, if you’re on Internet Explorer, it might not work. Hope this is useful. Thanks for your efforts to help us help ourselves. Ann

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