Beat Sugar Addiction Now

Beat Sugar Addiction
Sugar addiction can really drain your energy.

It also makes it difficult to lose weight.

What is the underlying cause of your sugar addiction?

Check out what Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum, MD has to say about the 4 different types of sugar addicts.

Beat Sugar Addiction Now!

If you have successfully beaten sugar addiction, please share your story with us in the comment box below.

The 4 types of sugar addiction

  • Type 1: Hooked on “Energy Loan Shark” Drinks — What about for those energy drinks and large cups of coffee. Chronically exhausted and hooked on caffeine and sugar
  • Type 2: Feed Me Now or I’ll Kill You — Look at adrenal function. When life’s stress has exhausted your adrenal glands
  • Type 3: The Happy Twinkie Hunter — Simple carbs can cause yeast. Sugar cravings caused by yeast/candida overgrowth
  • Type 4: Depressed and Craving Carbs — Sugar cravings go wild around your period, and also during menopause or andropause. Hormones play a role
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